Monday, February 21, 2011

The nature of truth, oil, and "intelligence?" (The only opinion that counts? Kissinger's! Fuck your, mine, and everyone else's opinion, part 3)

The nature of finding truth is going to get rocky at this point... but there is one person who told us the absolute truth.  It happened in Harpers Magazine in March 1975 (and if you want to pay Harpers for an online subscription you can read it for yourself... you won't find it here because I won't be sued for violating copyright)

The article was written by Miles Ignotus (Latin for "unknown soldier") and the gist of it was that OPEC was a threat, and that the only way that America could secure a viable energy future was to invade Saudi Arabia, and allow "Oklahoma and Texas" based oilfield supply companies (Brown and Root) to directly control the oilfields.  The article discounted any other possible option other then direct military intervention.  The article suggested that we start with Iraq, Afghanistan, then Bahrain, UAE and ending up with "the Prize".... The "Kingdom" of Saudi Arabia.

James Atkins found out who Miles Ignotus was when he lost his job as US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia after commenting publicly that the author was "out of his mind" to consider this option... Why would the Secretary of State fire Atkins unless the Secretary of State had authored the article? 

What we are continuing to see in the middle east is not some "home grown organic style democratic struggle that the US didn't see coming".... What is happening in Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia, Bahrain, Iran and Morocco is evidence that our CIA has been very, very busy indeed.

Are we such idiots that we don't understand that the "war on terror" has resulted in our agents spending billions of dollars and millions of man hours..... do you really think we didn't set the ouster of Mubarak up? Or worse... were BLIND to the brewing situation?   Not on your life

To think that is pretty short sighted considering our long history in nation toppling... we have sparked coups in Bolivia, Chile, Panama (several times), Iran, Iraq (several times) Korea, Indochina, Columbia.... our agents go out and play both sides just to cause conflict.

We were in Vietnam in 1945.... left in 75... how many billion dollars did Boeing, Lockheed, Bell, Textron, Coke, Brown and Root, and a list too long to name, make? 

All wars are purposefully deceitful to the point that the military that cause them call it "Theater of war" we (most people) think only refers to the place where the battle is occurring, it has become my firm belief of a lifetime of observation that the propose of modern warfare has been to make money through arms attrition, and securing mineral resources.   The point is seldom to win the war... it is to have the war.

A bully on the play ground who steals lunch money probably doesn't need the money, the steals it because he can... the United States and the bankers who currently run the show are the bully on the playground.

The Bully (CIA) has not shrunk, it has not reformed, it has not willingly given up power to the civilian has taken control of that government. 

Facebook is not some harmless hobby in an environment that has the state looking in on the actions and thoughts of all it's citizens, and non-citizens alike.... Facebook is the ultimate spy and surveillance tool, it asks you point blank "what are you doing?" and you respond.  You can be manipulated by what you think your "friends" are thinking.... for both marketing, and protest making.

Any long time observer knows that Henry Kissinger always gets his way, and the way of Kissinger has become the way of the "neocons".... now it is the way of "hope and change".   And that change only points to one direction.

The "remarkable" "surprise" events in the middle east are just the latest part of a long prelude that will ultimately lead to a place where we can appear to legitmately  to seize the prize; Arab oil.

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  1. Interesting...One of the 'advantages' of democracy is the possibilty of changeing the ownership of vital resources as oil. Currently the vast majority of oil reserves are owned by national oil companies such as the Saudi Armco. Now if the monarchy fails and 'democracy' will replace it, some hungry for bribes, fresh on the job politicians will decide what can be sold to whom...Think what happend to Soviet natural resources after colapse and before Putin reign them in...