Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fuck Facebook

There's a reason why I didn't keep up with the people I went to High School and College with... just because I happened to share classes and dorms with all these people doesn't mean we had enough in common to sustain lifelong frienships... if we had, we wouldn't have "lost touch". 
After spending a fucking year reading about every bowel movement these assholes I went to school with have had I have decided that I have had enough, time to un-connect with my old friends and carry on with my life now. 
I don't need to know that you like Glenn Beck.. and you don't need to know that I hate him (and his viewers).  I don't care that you have a headache, or hangover, or are fighting with your boyfriend.  I don't care that you had spagetti for dinner, and your cat is at the vet.... I just don't give anymore of a flying fuck now, than before facebook came around to inform me.
The people I went to high school with are assholes... still after all these years, and I am sure they think the same of me, so goodbye Facebook.  Goodbye to your games that require ever expanding friend lists, good bye finding out my old english teacher has the runs.... goodbye stupid redhead twins who smoked everyone elses weed... I am sure you won't miss me at all, god knows I won't miss you either.

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