Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fuck Macy's

Six Months ago, in a moment of weakness, I said "yes" when offered to save 15% off my purchase to apply for a Macy's card.  Along with the appalling 24.9% interest rate came an even more appalling $6000 credit limit considering my income... I could find myself in serious trouble.  But what the heck, I can pay it off each month and get "Star Rewards"... whatever the fuck that is.
So today I got my first "Reward" in the mail... a coupon good for 20% off everything in the store* on whatever day I choose**
*Excludes all Everyday Values (EDV) Specials, Super buys, furniture, mattresses, rugs, floor coverings, housewares, cosmetics, fragrance, designer clothes, non designer clothes, shoes, bags, luggage, purses, jewelry, watches, flatware, dishes, pots and pans, electronics, linens, bedding, towels, appliances, small appliances, outerwear, intimate apparel, dresses, swimwear, sleepwear, belts, wallets and accessories, food, Crystal, nick naks, obj d' art, and store fixtures.
WHAT THE FUCK... I get 20% off what exactly?  the coupon went on to name a bunch of designers whom I won't name lest I get sued.... the coupon wasn't good on anything in the store.  So why bother to cut down a tree, print it up and mail it?  Why doesn't Macy's just say something when I step up to the register to the effect of "We would like you to know that we thought about giving you a discount, but decided not to."  it would save a tree, and a whole lot of money.
So I have a coupon of my own... it entitles Macy's to 20% of my annual income*  (*excludes money I earned, inherited, or was gifted) so that leaves Macy's with 20% of anything I might steal (I don't have opportunity... and if I did, I have no desire or energy to steal)  So that leaves Macy's with a worthless coupon ... and one less Macy's card holder.   Snip, Snip.... Fuck you Macy's.

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